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Nutrigenomics Store products and coaching, is like a compass. It helps guide individuals towards their personal health and wellness goals, providing them with the necessary tools and support to navigate their journey.

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About the founders

Katrina Sevilla and Renaat Sioncke, the founders, have a deep passion for transforming people’s lives. With their expertise in coaching and nutrigenomics, they have a strong track record of assisting individuals with their general health and wellness goals.


Customer service is at the core of our business​

Nutrigenomics Store, products and coaching, helps individuals improve their overall health and well-being in just 90 days through personalized coaching and support. Experience a transformative journey towards optimal health and vitality with our expert guidance and customized plans, designed to fit your unique lifestyle and goals. Say goodbye to old you, and say hello to a vibrant, energized, and fulfilled life.

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About LifeVantage Products

We are Nutrigenomics Store, and we sell official LifeVantage products. Our focus is on longevity, energetic living, and well-being. In addition to selling LifeVantage products, we also provide lifestyle coaching. As proud LifeVantage Independent Contractor Consultants, are we leaders in nutrigenomics and biohacking.

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