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Protandim Tri-Synergizer

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Support your body and mind with 3 supplements that together deliver comprehensive benefits for healthy aging, cellular energy, mood, and mental focus.*

Protandim NRF1, Protandim NRF2, Protandim NAD. Available in packets or bottles.

Benefits Protandim Tri-Synergizer:

  • Reduce oxidative stress and combat the effects of aging *
  • Support the cell’s natural repair and rejuvenation processes *
  • Enhance daily energy levels, mood, and performance *
  • Supports healthy longevity and the removal of cellular waste (autophagy) *
  • Supports healthy inflammatory response and healthy vascular system *
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The Protandim Tri-Synergizer is a groundbreaking supplement developed by LifeVantage that harnesses the power of nutrigenomics to reduce oxidative stress and combat the effects of aging. This advanced formula combines three powerful products that work together synergistically to promote overall general health and well-being.

Product Features:
– Nutrigenomics technology: The Protandim Tri-Synergizer utilizes the latest advancements in nutrigenomics, which is the study of how nutrients and other natural compounds interact with our genes. By targeting and activating specific genes, this supplement helps to promote cellular health and reduce oxidative stress.
– Reduce oxidative stress: Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the body’s ability to neutralize them. This can lead to cellular damage and accelerate the aging process. The Protandim Tri-Synergizer helps to reduce oxidative stress by activating the body’s natural antioxidant defense mechanisms.
– Combat the effects of aging: As we age, our bodies become more susceptible to the damaging effects of oxidative stress. The Protandim Tri-Synergizer helps to combat the effects of aging by protecting against cellular damage and promoting overall general health.
– Easy to use: The Protandim Tri-Synergizer comes in a convenient form, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Simply take the recommended dosage with water or a meal for optimal absorption and effectiveness.
– Trusted brand: LifeVantage is a trusted brand in the health and wellness industry, known for their commitment to scientific research and high-quality products. The Protandim Tri-Synergizer is backed by years of scientific research and is manufactured to the highest standards to ensure purity and potency.
– Overall health and well-being: In addition to reducing oxidative stress and combating the effects of aging, the Protandim Tri-Synergizer promotes overall  general health and well-being.

Personalized support: Nutrigenomics Store offers personalized support and guidance to help you get the most out of the Protandim Tri-Synergizer. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions and provide guidance on how to optimize your results.

Join the Family

Don’t play favorites when it comes to overall health. Take advantage of the important contribution from every Protandim supplement. You get comprehensive benefits, including support for healthy aging, optimal cellular energy, improved mental focus, and healthy longevity.* It’s a level of benefits you can only get from teamwork. The Protandim family of products works by activating your body’s pathways to enhance its own functions.* They activate the production of antioxidants, mitochondria, and sirtuins—key components for overall, long-term health.* The result of this triple-tier approach is our most powerful solution. This trio also delivers the best value.

Patent # = US 11,484,563

Ingredients of Protandim Tri-Synergizer:

See individual products respectively.

Directions for Protandim Tri-Synergizer:

See individual products respectively.

Warning for Protandim Tri-Synergizer:

See individual products respectively.

Flip the switch with LifeVantage Protandim Tri-Synergizer

The Theory of Aging


Halal, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Artificial free

LifeVantage | Activated Wellness

LifeVantage ESG | Ethical Sourcing

LifeVantage ESG | Sustainability

2 reviews for Protandim Tri-Synergizer


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    Unlocking Autophagy with Protandim Tri Synergizer

    Before I started using Protandim Tri Synergizer, I felt like my body just couldn’t keep up with the life I wanted to lead. I was constantly tired, my skin looked dull, and no matter what I did, I just couldn’t shake off that feeling of being run down.

    A friend recommended Protandim Tri Synergizer, emphasizing its role in promoting autophagy, and honestly, it sounded too good to be true. But within a few weeks of consistent use, the changes were undeniable. It was as if the cells in my body had been given a new lease on life. The science behind this product, focusing on cellular rejuvenation through autophagy, turned out to be the game changer I needed.

    Autophagy – our body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells – was a term I barely understood before. Since incorporating Protandim Tri Synergizer into my daily routine, it’s a process I now feel working within me. I’ve noticed increased energy levels, a more vibrant complexion, and an overall sense of well being that I hadn’t felt in years.

    The most profound impact for me has been the sustained energy that lasts throughout the day. It’s not the jittery burst you get from caffeine; it’s a deep seated vitality that comes from your body functioning more efficiently on a cellular level.

    I can’t help but attribute these changes to Protandim Tri Synergizer and its autophagy promoting properties. It truly feels like my cells are being detoxified and renewed, allowing my body to operate at its best. This isn’t just another supplement; it’s a cornerstone of my well being regimen that has offered me a tangible improvement in my quality of life.

    November 22, 2023
    Verified Review

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  • Avatar


    I have more energy and increased mental focus

    I have used the Tri Synergizer for two months and I have noticed a greater difference in my energy and focus. I am able to get more done in less time and my productivity has increased. Not only that, but I am able to focus on tasks with fewer distractions. Since I have been using this, I have been able to take better care of my body and mind. I have noticed that I have more energy and increased mental focus. I feel like this is the supplement my body and mind need.

    October 30, 2023
    Verified Review

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