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  • Viome Full Body Intelligent Test KitSubscribe & Save Buy product Quick View
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    Full Body Intelligence Test Kit


    Unlock your body’s innate ability to restore health and boost longevity at a molecular level with our most advanced microbiome & cellular health test and scientifically backed personalized nutrition recommendations.

    • 50+ Comprehensive Health Scores form the basis for your recommendations
    • Discover which foods might be triggering inflammation and imbalance throughout your gut and your body
    • Gain insights into the most beneficial supplements, gut biotics, and oral biotics for you
    • Support health functions tied to digestion, oral health, brain & cognitive function, heart health, immunity, healthy aging, and more
    • HSA/FSA-eligible with Truemed.

    Sample Collection: Stool, Blood, Saliva

    Health Scores: 50+

    Results Time: Within 2-3 weeks

  • TrueScience Deodorant
    Think Dirty Clean Score
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    TrueScience Deodorant

    Fight odor and sweat at the source with naturally derived, premium ingredients plus protective broad-spectrum CBD†-enhanced Nrf2 actives.
    1.7 fl. oz (50ml)

    TrueScience Deodorant Benefits:

    • Combats oxidative stress with broad-spectrum CBD†-enhanced Nrf2 ingredients for healthy-looking skin
    • Breaks down sweat molecules
    • Traps and absorbs odor molecules
    • Supports the skin’s natural antioxidants
    • Strengthens and balances delicate skin pH
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