Take control of your weight management journey with LifeVantage’s innovative approach combining Nutrigenomics and Biohacking. Unlock the secrets to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle today!

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    LifeVantage Gut Health Essentials Stack


    Support a healthy digestive system and diverse gut microbiome with this set of supplements.*

    Protandim® NRF2 Synergizer®, LifeVantage ProBio, PhysIQ™ Prebiotic

    Benefits of LifeVantage Gut Health Essentials Stack:
    • Reduces oxidative stress and supports your body’s natural detoxification reactions *
    • Supports a healthy and diverse gut microbiome *
    • Supports normal digestion and nutrient absorption *
    • Promotes digestive comfort and bowel regularity *
    • Supports healthy immune responses *
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    LifeVantage Metabolism Essentials Stack


    Your weight management journey just got a boost. Help yourself reach your weight goals by starting on the inside with a trio of products designed to support a leaner you.

    Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer®, Protandim® NRF1 Synergizer®, PhysIQ Fat Burn™

    Benefits of LifeVantage Metabolism Essentials Stack:
    • Activates body’s ability to reduce oxidative stress and protect cells*
    • Activates your body’s generation of cellular energy*
    • Supports body’s natural fat-burning processes by using existing fat cells for energy*
    • Helps maintain healthy metabolism and lean body composition*
    • Supports healthy blood glucose levels, already in the normal range*
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    PhysIQ Fat Burn


    Support your weight-management journey with a science-backed formula that helps activate your body’s natural ability to convert fat tissue into a form that helps burn more calories, which can lead to an overall fat reduction, especially in the problematic mid-section.*

    60 Capsules
    Benefits of LifeVantage PhysIQ Fat Burn:
    • Supports body’s natural fat-burning processes by using existing fat cells for energy. *
    • Supports healthy weight management. *
    • Helps maintain lean body composition. *
    • Helps reduce fat accumulation in the trunk area.*
    • Supports the body’s metabolism for continuous and prolonged fat burning. *
    • Helps you feel more energized.*
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